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Are you trying to decide between St Petersburg vs Tampa for vacation? Tampa Bay, or as some call it these days, Champa Bay, has so many interesting cities and things to do.

Vacation Planning – St Petersburg vs Tampa

When it comes to vacation planning, it all depends on your interests and what you enjoy! St Petersburg and Tampa both have excellent hotels, restaurants, and fun things to do!

Here is my breakdown of the two sister cities, and what you must consider before you plan your stay in either St Petersburg or Tampa.

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Things to Love About St Petersburg and Clearwater: Pinellas County

St Petersburg vs Tampa - Beach pic from St. Pete. st pete vacations
st petersburg vacations
distance from st petersburg to tampa
living in tampa vs st petersburg
saint petersburg vacation
St Petersburg vs Tampa: Pass a grille has beautiful beaches for St Petersburg vacations

St. Petersburg is located in Pinellas County, FL. Pinellas County has some breathtaking beautiful towns such as Clearwater Beach, Pass-a-Grille, Dunedin, Safety Harbor, Treasure Island, Gulfport, and the list goes on.

Most of these beauties are on the water or nearby and have unique downtown areas to see. The distance from St Petersburg to Tampa is approximately 30 minutes.

Downtown St Petersburg is my favorite city in Pinellas County (although there are several runner-ups!). Did you know it is known for having the most consecutive days of sunshine? Yep, a total of 768 days in a row which is why it was nicknamed the “Sunshine City.”

The sheer natural beauty of Beach Drive, St Pete Pier, and the many parks along North Shore Drive make it truly one of a kind. Downtown St. Petersburg also has plenty of museums, restaurants, and nightlife to make a long weekend a lot of fun.

St Petersburg is a short drive to St. Pete Beach or Pass-a-Grille Beach. There is an airport in St Petersburg / Clearwater (PIE) but it has smaller carriers such as Allegiant Air. St Pete is definitely putting up tough competition in the St Petersburg vs Tampa debate.

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Here are a few of my favorite sights, or best places to see in St. Petersburg or Pinellas County:

St Pete Pier

View from the top of St Pete Pier showing downtown St Petersburg in the distance.  St Petersburg vs Tampa - St Pete has more outdoor spaces.
View from the top of the St Pete Pier

Located in the heart of downtown which makes the Pier perfect for a stroll, and one of my favorite things to do before or after a meal out. There is a marketplace, discovery center, museum, fishing area, children’s playground and water pad, and plenty of restaurants along the way.

You can see this sight in less than an hour, or you can spend most of the day depending on your interest level. It is FREE to visit, and very easy to access these days since it has its own metered parking area.

St Pete Boat Tours

Upham Beach in St Pete Beach
Boat Tours in St Pete Beach

When in St Petersburg, one of the most enjoyable and fun ways to spend time is on the water. Take a boat tour to see the sights!

You will see dolphins, manatees, and other wildlife while seeing gorgeous isolated islands perfect for snorkeling and other outdoor adventures.

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Fort DeSoto Park

Fort Desoto Park with rock formations in the blue-green water.  It has some of the most undisturbed beaches in the US.
Blue green water at Egmont Key

Located heading out to Tierra Verde, which is about a 10-15 minute drive from downtown St. Petersburg. There is so much to do at this amazing park. You can spend a half day there or a full weekend. I would plan for at least 4 hours at the minimum and go when it’s a good beach weather day.

Fort DeSoto is a large state park with over 1,100 acres, on the water of several keys connected by bridges or causeways. These groups of islands were used for military fortifications from the 1800s until the 1920s, and still have cannons and other museum exhibitions to see.

Additionally, there are two piers, long stretches of beautiful beaches, picnic areas, hiking trails, paved bicycling trails, boat ramps, kayak trails, and ferry rides to Egmont and Shell Key. There is something for everyone that enjoys nature at this location.

Fort DeSoto has some amazing sunset views. One of my favorite spots is on North Beach near the pier (located closest to the Fort).

Egmont Key

Egmont Key Lighthouse has long grass and turtles nestling in them nearby. Fort DeSoto.
Egmont Key Lighthouse

Egmont Key is one of my favorite things to do during peak weather, but keep in mind you have to follow the ferry schedule and I would allow all day to explore. If you are a boater, you do not have to go through Fort DeSoto Park to access Egmont or Shell Key.

It is FREE to visit on your boat. Otherwise, you will need a ferry ride there.

Pass-a-Grille Beach, St. Pete Beach, and Clearwater Beach

Pass-a-grille Beach located in St Pete Beach area.
Pass-a-Grille Beach Sunset

If you are looking for beaches, you have found the mecca! Both Clearwater Beach and St Pete Beach have been ranked over the years as the #1 in the US by TripAdvisor.

Pass-a-Grille Beach is one of my personal favorites and hidden gems in the St Pete Beach area. St. Pete Beach and Clearwater Beach are both much larger with more dining and shopping nearby.

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Clearwater Beach has some of the prettiest sections of sugar sand, but I would come during the week or off-peak hours to avoid the crowds. Pass-a-Grille and St. Pete Beach also have several playgrounds for children, and one of them is in the neighborhood closest to the Don CeSar Hotel.

St Petersburg Museums

The Dali Museum in downtown St Petersburg, FL
The Dali Museum is among the top museums in St Petersburg.

If you love art museums, The Dali Museum is definitely worth a visit. It has not only Salvador Dali’s work, but they often have special exhibitions.

Open from 10 am-6 pm, but see their website for full details.

If your scheduling allows for it, see a show at the Mahaffey Theater on the property, shows usually start at 8 pm. There is a whole list of museums and galleries in downtown St. Petersburg that are also available to see as other music venues. Here is a current list.

St Petersburg has some of the best museums in Tampa Bay. The James Museum of Western Art and there are plenty more you must check out.

st petersburg vs tampa - james museum of western art
The James Museum of Western Art – Downtown St. Petersburg, FL

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This is an artsy, quaint town a short drive from downtown St. Petersburg. Located on the water, it’s a fun place to check out the Tuesday market, eat at one of the local restaurants, and enjoy the view of the sailboats.


This is a fun little town with some of the small best breweries in the area, and near another great park, Honeymoon Island State Park. Dunedin and the park both provide enough to do, to make this a great day trip location.

Clearwater Aquarium

Clearwater Marine Aquarium is a non-profit in Clearwater Beach. It is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of suffering marine animals, especially bottlenose dolphins. They provide public education, including Dolphin boat tours and conservation efforts. It is a fun visit to see sea creatures, and especially enjoyable for children.

John’s Pass

Photo taken on St Pete Beach - which may help you decide between St Petersburg vs Tampa. st pete vacations
st petersburg vacations
distance from st petersburg to tampa
living in tampa vs st petersburg
saint petersburg vacation
Pinellas County is known for some of the best beaches in the US

Although John’s Pass is considered touristy, this little beach stop strip is fun to check out in Madeira Beach. You can easily rent a jet ski or boat, and then end your day shopping, eating, or enjoying some live music at one of their bars.

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Things to Love About Tampa: Hillsborough County

Tampa is located in Hillsborough County, FL. Some of the cities in this county include Apollo Beach, Lutz, Brandon, and Lithia. Tampa is a much larger city than St. Petersburg, most visitors come to see Tampa instead of the surrounding towns of Hillsborough county.

The Tampa International Airport (TPA) is at the outer edge of the city, and it makes it very convenient for flying almost anywhere.

Important to note, that this is also the airport that most use to fly into St. Petersburg which is about a twenty-minute drive or slightly more depending on where you are at. Tampa is no slouch in the St Petersburg vs Tampa friendly competition.

Photo of tall downtown Tampa buildings, Hillsborough River, and the Riverwalk.
The Riverwalk distance from St Petersburg to Tampa is approximately 30-minutes.

Here are some of my favorite sights, or best places to visit in Tampa or Hillsborough County:

Bayshore Boulevard

I know this isn’t a real “destination” but it is a fun drive or bike-able area in Downtown Tampa. It has some of the most beautiful homes along the water, and if you continue further, you can take it to the prestigious homes of Davis Islands. Yes, the same place where local celebrities such as Tom Brady have lived.

Davis Islands

Davis Islands also has a quaint downtown on the island with restaurants and bars, playgrounds, baseball fields, and more. Watch out for golf carts, which are a favorite mode of transport by many locals.

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Hyde Park Village

Hyde Park Village Shops in Tampa, FL - fountain and red phone booth gives a charming European feel.
Hyde Park Village Shops in Tampa, FL

Also located not too far off Bayshore Boulevard is a unique shopping plaza with plenty of outdoor dining restaurants, health/wellness, and many other shops. One of my favorite taco places, Bartaco is located in Hyde Park Village.

Ybor City

No other place besides Key West, FL have I seen chickens roaming the city streets. This unique city is known for its old cigar factories from another era. Check out the boutiques and vintage shops on 7th Avenue, which also hosts several Cuban and Latin American eateries.

My favorite restaurant in Ybor is the Columbia Restaurant. It is a local Florida chain, but this is the original location, open for over 115 years. I enjoy their 1905 salad every time I’m there. Other things to check out while there: Ybor City State Museum there is a museum that covers the history of the cigar factories and the community. Also, this is a well-known area that attracts a diverse crowd to its bars and clubs.

Amalie Arena

Flames and dancers fill the stage behind Pitbull at Amalie Arena.
Amalie Arena concert with Pitbull

Amalie Arena is best known for where the Tampa Bay Lightning plays hockey. But it’s also where most of the major concert headliners play. This is another favorite spot because of its walkability to Channelside District.

Catch a concert or game, and there is even a Columbia Cafe (another location for the Columbia Restaurant) behind the stadium which is attached to the Tampa Bay History Center.

The Hillsborough River also runs through this area and there is a nice kids’ playground across from Amalie Arena.

Tampa Riverwalk to Armature Works

This is a long 3-mile walk along the Hillsborough River which connects as well to the Channelside District. Both are known for their restaurants and are located in the heart of downtown Tampa. You can certainly walk or drive to both locations, but it’s also a lot of fun by water taxi or bring your own boat.

International Plaza

For those of you that love to shop, this would be a worthy stop. They also have one of the best outdoor dining strips attached to the mall. It is also located within a few minutes from Tampa International Airport and the Raymond James Stadium (Tampa Bay Bucs).

Busch Gardens

If you’re looking for a theme park experience in Tampa, they have it covered with fast rollercoaster rides and kids’ rides, a zoo, and a beautiful botanical garden.

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ZooTampa at Lowry Park

Children's Zoo at ZooTampa
Wallaroo Station Children’s Zoo at ZooTampa

If you are looking for an amazing animal experience, especially with younger kids and toddlers, you must check out ZooTampa at Lowry Park. In addition to being one of the best zoos in the US, they have multiple rides, a splash pad, a petting zoo, plus more!

Sparkman Wharf

Sparkman Wharf in downtown Tampa
Sparkman Wharf in downtown Tampa

Sparkman Wharf is a lively hub for outdoor dining, restaurants, shops, and more fun in Garrison Channel in downtown Tampa. This trendy spot is ideal for a lazy day outdoors with friends and family.

Sparkman Wharf sits on the water with the American Victory Ship & Museum directly behind it.

🌴 Pro Tip: See the Florida Aquarium and afterward grab lunch at the Sparkman Wharf since they are in close proximity.

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St Petersburg vs Tampa – What Did You Decide?

Deciding between St Petersburg vs Tampa you must check out Pass-a-Grille Beach. st pete vacations ideal spot. st pete vacations
st petersburg vacations
distance from st petersburg to tampa
living in tampa vs st petersburg
saint petersburg vacation
Pass-a-Grille Beach in Pinellas County is a perfect spot for a Saint Petersburg vacation.

As you can see, there’s a lot to do in both cities! Did I help you decide between St Petersburg vs Tampa? St. Pete has more outdoor activities with beaches and parks. Tampa has a bigger city feel with more urban attractions within a short walk or drive.

I love them both and visit each for what I am looking to do. Keep in mind, that the distance from St Petersburg to Tampa is less than a 30-minute drive. So you could even see parts of both cities! Please feel free to comment or ask questions below.

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Looking for Things to Do with Kids or Toddlers in Tampa Bay?

Check out my article on some of the best kids’ things to do in Tampa Bay. I have included some amazing free things to do too!

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