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Looking for the best beaches near Bradenton FL? Then you’ve come to the right place for the most scenic beaches, plus local tips on fun things to do nearby!

There are several beaches in the vicinity. To get the finest experience go to the nearby beaches in Bradenton FL.

The Gulf Coast has some of the most stunning and well-known beaches near Bradenton FL.

You may also enjoy the gulf views since we’ve chosen our top 16 beaches near Bradenton, Florida.

Top Beaches Near Bradenton FL:

  1. Manatee County Public Beach     
  2. Cortez Beach                              
  3. Anna Maria Island 
  4. Coquina Beach    
  5. Bean Point Beach   
  6. Beer Can Island Beach                      
  7. Longboat Key Beach
  8. Lido Key Beach 
  9. Siesta Key Beach                     
  10. Turtle Beach                   
  11. Gulfport Beach Park        
  12. St Pete Beach       
  13. Madeira Beach
  14. Venice Beach           
  15. Indian Rocks Beach                             
  16. Clearwater Beach                                 
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Manatee County Public Beach   

bradenton beach florida
Beautiful Bradenton Beach, Florida
  • Distance from Bradenton:8.7 miles
  • Traveling time: 18 minutes 
  • Ventures: paddleboarding, picnicking, and grilling

Manatee Public Beach is one of Manatee County’s most popular public beaches near Bradenton FL. The sand is a mix of rough shells and soft, white sand. The beach is clean and an excellent area to stroll and construct sandcastles. In addition, there are barbecues, playgrounds, picnic tables, bike racks, showers, restrooms, and change rooms—everything you could need. 

The beach parking usually gets a shortage of space. As it’s a popular place, the parking spaces fill up quickly, and you may have to wait for a parking space on sunny days.

🌴 Recommended Hotels Near Bradenton Beach: Compass Margaritaville

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Cortez Beach

Cortez Beach
Cortez Beach is one of the best beaches near Bradenton FL
  • Distance from Bradenton: 10.8 miles
  • Traveling time: 23 minutes 
  • Ventures: walking, swimming, surfing, and enjoying the fun party

Although Cortez Beach offers lovely white sand and plenty of space for everyone, it may become congested on hot days. Because parking is free and the environment is spectacular, both locals and tourists like visiting this location. The sunsets here are stunning, much like the nearby beaches, and the surrounding countryside further enhances the mood. 

Do not forget that there are no amenities. Even the nearest restrooms need a little walk. Additionally, because there are no lifeguards on duty, exercise caution while swimming. Although entry is free, keep in mind that the beach isn’t always open. It opens only from 7 a.m to 10 p.m.

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Anna Maria Island 

Anna Maria Island Beaches
Anna Maria Island Beach
  • Distance from Bradenton: 11.5 miles
  • Traveling time: 28 minutes
  • Ventures: picnicking, boating, walking, surfing, & swimming

Anna Maria is less busy than Siesta Key and has a more laid-back vibe. Anna Maria Island is often listed in the United States as one of the best beaches near Bradenton, Florida.

Most people know the island for its long, beautiful white sand beaches. It is an island with a slower pace and a lot of fun shops, art galleries, and restaurants. It also has piers that are fun to hang out on. One of the best beaches on the island is Coquina Beach, which is near Bradenton.

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Coquina Beach      

Coquina Beach
Coquina Beach
  • Distance from Bradenton: 11.9 miles
  • Traveling time: 25 minutes
  • Ventures: walking, surfing, swimming, playgrounds, a volleyball court, and a picnic area 

Coquina Beach is a seven-mile strip of white sand located near the southern end of Anna Maria Island. It’s ideal for people who want a beach with plenty of services but not a lot of crowds. For children and others who can’t swim, there is a sizable shallow area.

In comparison to Cortez beach, it offers options for amenities. Even a beach market and a little coffee shop are located here. You could easily spend the whole day there since it contains restrooms, showers, and changing areas. The white sand is gorgeous and fine, and the water is always appealing. At times, you may catch a glimpse of bottlenose dolphins swimming close.

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Beer Can Island Beach         

  • Distance from Bradenton: 12.8 miles
  • Traveling time: 27 minutes 
  • Ventures: Nature trail, strolling, swimming, and fishing

Beer Can Island lies practically directly north of Siesta Key at the northernmost point of Longboat Key. There’s another Beer Can Island near Tampa, so don’t let that confuse you or your GPS. You will cross the bridge that links Longboat Key to Anna Maria Island.

Coquina Beach has the greatest parking; from there, you may access the beach by crossing a bridge. On the subdivision roads near the beach, there is no public parking. It might be challenging to reach the island. To reach Beer Can Island, you must cross some mangroves. Since the mangroves are on the shore, you won’t have to cross any water.

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Bean Point Beach       

  • Distance from Bradenton: 12.3 miles
  • Traveling time: 30 minutes 
  • Ventures: swimming, Sunbathing, and sightseeing

Bean Point is at the far northern end of Anna Maria Island. If you seek beaches with plenty of open space, this is the best choice. It’s also among the finest spots on the whole island to see the sunset. It’s a bit challenging to get there, and parking is limited. There are two methods of getting there. Both of them start where North Shore Drive meets Fern Street or Gladiolus Street. There are no beach vendors here, so make sure you have everything you need. 

There are also no lifeguards, restrooms, and changing areas. The majority of people advise against swimming in this area, particularly near the strong current on the beach’s northern end. Although the southwest side is safer, you should use caution since there are no lifeguards on duty.

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Lido Key Beach 

  • Distance from Bradenton: 14.6 miles
  • Traveling time: 33 minutes 
  • Ventures: Strolling, parasailing, grills, nature trails, etc.

The sand is fine and white at Lido Key Beach, and the water is crystal clear. It is also less crowded and more beautiful like Siesta Key beach. Free parking is available, and a wonderful pub with everything you could desire is situated right by the beach.

There were both alcoholic and non-alcoholic appetizers and beverages. You may use the tidy restrooms as well. The beach is typically tidy and a suitable location for mass tourists. This is a good way to spend the day.

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Longboat Key Beach

Longboat Key Beach
Longboat Key Beach
  • Distance from Bradenton: 18.7 miles
  • Traveling time: 30 minutes
  • Ventures: swimming, fishing, strolling, and water sports

Longboat Key is in the southeastern part of Anna Maria Island. It’s not far to drive or ride a bike to get to Bradenton Beach. It is a lovely region that is located in both Sarasota and Manatee counties. Any beach on Longboat Key is wonderful if you want to spend the day at the beach alone since it’s less populated than the other islands. 

At Whitney Beach, the water is quiet and clear. The beach has smooth, white sand. Few people are there, and neither facilities nor lifeguards are present. Bring your belongings and use caution while swimming. There is limited parking at beach access points, which are located along Gulf of Mexico Drive. 

Most of Longboat Key beaches don’t have amenities like bathrooms (though a few have portable toilets) or food stands, but they are rarely crowded. Dogs aren’t allowed on Longboat Key beaches.

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Siesta Key Beach

Siesta Key Beach
Siesta Key Beach

The beach in Siesta Key is a fantastic spot to unwind and feel better. It offers a wonderful atmosphere and gorgeous views everywhere. It is much more spacious and has a lovely shore, which attracts tourists. Siesta Key beach is highly recognized for its quartz sand and turquoise water. 

The beach sand has a powdery texture. It is a family-oriented beach and families can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, including parasailing and riding a jet ski. This all makes it the best choice among the beaches near Bradenton, Florida.

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Turtle Beach    

  • Distance from Bradenton: 22.3 miles
  • Traveling time: 50 minutes
  • Ventures: Sightseeing, exploring natural wetlands, picnicking, and kayaking

The large number of turtles that nest there make Turtle Beach famous. It is accessible and offers camping spaces, picnic sites, and a children’s play area.

Turtle Beach is a coastal location south of Siesta Key. This beach isn’t as busy. Its beachfront extends for around 2,600 feet. Parking spaces are available, and it is simple to get there. There are few facilities here, however, there is one location where you may rent kayaks.

This beach is equally stunning, but the sand here is significantly rougher. You may wish to carry footwear that will keep your feet safe. If you want to be in a natural, uncrowded setting, the beach is a good choice.

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Gulfport Beach Park       

Gulfport Beach Recreation Area in Gulfport, Florida
Gulfport Beach Recreation Area in Gulfport, Florida
  • Distance from Bradenton: 24.4 miles
  • Traveling time: 34 minutes
  • Ventures: Playing volleyball, kids playground, outdoor exercise equipment, strolling, and exploring the local restaurants & shops.

Gulfport Beach Park is a public beach area on beautiful Boca Ciega Bay. People visit the uncrowded beaches, the diverse art, and the delicious Gulfport restaurants. This vibrant, Old Florida beach community is a fun place with lots of fun things to do.

You may relax, play bocce ball or volleyball, stroll the path, utilize the playgrounds, or attend an afternoon concert at the Gulfport Beach Waterfront Complex. You can enjoy interesting sports and other things of your interest there.

☀️ Best Hotel Nearby Gulfport Beach Park: Historic Peninsula Inn ☀️

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St Pete Beach 

  • Distance from Bradenton: 26.1 miles
  • Traveling time: 36 minutes
  • Ventures: parasailing, stand-up paddle boarding, windsurfing, and kiteboarding 

People from all over the country love to visit St Pete Beach. Hotels of all sizes line the shore, and it’s a great place to get some sun and enjoy the calm water. It is just as well equipped as any other beach in the area, but it doesn’t get as crowded as its neighbors. So, it becomes a good choice for families with kids, especially at Upham Beach Park.

St Pete Beach has a variety of excellent boat tours, such as parasailing and dolphin tours. At the beach, you can also easily rent paddleboards, beach cruiser bikes, or cabanas. Beyond the beach, there are so many things to do in St Pete Beach. You definitely are better off staying a few days at a local hotel.

St Pete Beach is known for its lively social scene, and there are several great choices for beach bars and rooftop lounges. There are three huge aquariums at Rumfish to keep kids busy. Snorkeling inside a Rumfish tank lets you get up close and personal with snook, tarpons, and stingrays.

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Venice Beach    

TriggerPhoto canva pro
  • Distance from Bradenton: 35.8 miles
  • Traveling time: 43 minutes  [16]
  • Ventures: walking, swimming, surfing, water trailing, and Shelling

In the center of Sarasota County lies the city of Venice. You may stroll to the beach every morning, swim for a few minutes, or run along the shore since it has a lovely coastline. The area is well-known for being a destination where families travel on vacation to play in the surf, shop downtown, ride bikes along the Venetian Waterway Trail, and attempt to “catch the big one” at the Venice Pier. 

You can find whatever you may need, including lifeguards. At Venice Beach, the restaurant and pier are well-known. A Florida snow shovel can be rented to search for prehistoric shark teeth.

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Madeira Beach   

Madeira Beach at John's Pass Village
Madeira Beach at John’s Pass
  • Distance from Bradenton: 31.2 miles
  • Traveling time: 48 minutes 
  • Ventures: swimming, fishing, and sunbathing

Madeira Beach is one of the most popular beaches along the Gulf of Mexico. The beach is only about two and a half miles long, but it gets millions of tourists and locals every year because the sand is soft and the water is calm. In addition, people say that Madeira Beach is a lovely beach town where affluent, trendy college students go in the spring.

Sun and gulf view lovers go to the beaches of Madeira, where fishing is the primary sport.

Also, Madeira Beach hosts the Seafood Festival at John’s Pass every October. This celebration of food, music, and arts and crafts draws as many as 130,000 people.

☀️ Recommended Hotel in Madeira Beach: Cambria Hotel

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Indian Rocks Beach 

Indian Rocks Beach, Florida - photo taken of the beautiful white sand beaches and clear blue green water.
Indian Rocks Beach, Florida
  • Distance from Bradenton: 45.9 miles
  • Traveling time: 1 hr 3 minutes 
  • Ventures: Sightseeing, swimming, sunbathing, picnic, and fishing

Indian Rocks Beach offers nearly three miles of stunning, easily accessible white sand beaches lined along the Gulf of Mexico. This laid-back beach town is ideal for those that want to be close to the action in Clearwater Beach or St Pete Beach, but far enough away to have a remote feel.

A lovely sunset may be seen at this beach close to Bradenton, Florida. Numerous enchanting shops and modest eateries may be located all along Indian Rocks Beach for your enjoyment.

The Indian Rocks Beach is convenient to all the fantastic amenities and attractions of the Suncoast. Enjoy cooking on one of the many barbecues near the beachfront tiki hut, or just unwind in one of the roomy, six-person, 1,400 square foot, two-bedroom, two-bathroom vacation rentals. You can see the dolphins at sunset from your private balcony.

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Clearwater Beach 

Clearwater Beach Sunset at the Sandpearl Resort
Clearwater Beach Sunset
  • Distance from Bradenton: 47.8 miles
  • Traveling time: 1 hr 8 minutes
  • Ventures: jet skiing, kayaking, boat tours, pirate cruises, swimming, and rollerblading.

At Clearwater Beach, visitors have a wide range of activities to choose from. Two of the most well-known aspects of the region are the pristine white sand on the beach and the crystal blue water of the Gulf.

This beach has a well-known strip that is more than two kilometers long. It is one of the most crowded beaches near Bradenton, Florida. However, Clearwater Beach is consistently ranked among the Top Beaches in the US.   

Additionally, it is a beach with all sorts of amenities within easy walking distance. Restaurants, bars, lifeguards, restrooms, showers, parking, and Pier 60 make it a great all-around destination. But, keep in mind, It becomes overcrowded during spring break.

☀️ Recommended Hotel in Clearwater Beach: The Sandpearl Resort

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FAQs: Beaches Near Bradenton FL

What beaches are around Bradenton Florida?

Some of the closest and best beaches around Bradenton, Florida are as follows: 
Manatee County Beach 
Beer Can Island Beach 
North Longboat Key Beach
Bradenton Beach
Lido Key Beach

Does Bradenton Florida have a beach?

Yes. Bradenton, Florida has miles of white sugar sand beach. On the Gulf side, Cortez and Coquina beaches are open to the public and run by Manatee County.

How close is Bradenton to the beach?

The distance from Bradenton to Bradenton Beach is 7.92 miles in a southwesterly direction, or 10 miles if you go along FL 64 route. The driving distance between Bradenton and Bradenton Beach takes 16 minutes.

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