Port Angeles to Victoria Canada | 2-Day Trip You Don’t Want to Miss

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Port Angeles to Victoria Olympic Peninsula Trip  - trees in forest photo before the gift shop.
Olympic National Park

If you haven’t packed your bags yet, it’s time to get away to fabulous Victoria! This 2-day trip will share my must-see destinations, top pick hotels, as well as details on navigating the Port Angeles to Victoria ferry.

Seattle to Port Angeles

We began our long road trip in Seattle. Opting for Port Angeles as our starting point made sense because it was a more suitable launch spot for our extended road trip through Washington and Oregon.

I’m so glad we decided to take a day trip from Seattle. The nearby landscape has a raw, rugged beauty that is primed for nature enthusiasts. I would have missed the beautiful hiking trails in Olympic National Park.

If you have more time to explore, Seattle is a fabulous city for special occasions and celebrations! I have visited multiple times over the years to see family and explore the state.

Before you head out of Port Angeles, you may want to check out some of these local sights:

  • Marymere Falls
  • Salt Creek Recreation Area
  • Port Angeles Pier
  • Feiro Marine Life Center

Downtown Port Angeles also has beautiful water views and is a fun area to walk around and see some local stores and restaurants.

Port Angeles to Victoria – Border Crossing Details You Must Know

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Downtown Port Angeles, Washington

There is a list of protocols for travel from Port Angeles to Canada:

  • Please use the Canadian Government Checklist for travel to Canada requirements.
  • ArriveCAN form is required to be filled out in advance by the Government of Canada.
  • You must submit your information on ArriveCAN on the schedule they provided or you will not be given admittance. See their official website for complete details.

Port Angeles to Victoria Ferry – Black Ball M.V. Coho

The Black Ball Ferry takes passengers and cars 90-minutes north to Victoria British Columbia Canada through the Strait of Juan de Fuca. This beautiful scenic ferry ride will allow time for whale watching, birds, and other boats. Ferry passengers will want to check out the gift shop, cafeteria, pet-friendly areas, and a variety of comfortable interior lounge options.

Black Ball Ferry Line Route Map

Black Ball Ferry Line runs the M.V. Coho connecting Victoria BC and Port Angeles Washington on the spectacular Olympic Peninsula. Here is a Google Map of the ferry line route departing from Port Angeles and Victoria.

M.V. Coho Ferry Tickets – Black Ball Ferry Packages

Black Ball Ferry from Port Angeles to Victoria Trip
Black Ball Ferry – Strait of Juan de Fuca

There are several options when taking the Black Ball Ferry. We booked a round-trip ticket with vehicle transport through their website, but you can also book one way if you decide to take an alternative route on your return trip.

We decided to bring our car so we could drive around at our own pace on Vancouver Island. You can also choose to rent a car in Canada. The cost for us to take our rental car from Port Angeles to Victoria was slightly under $200 at the time of our trip. Looking at the details, it was simpler to keep the rental car with us, since the hotel had complimentary parking.

If you are not going by car or bike, you will want to check out the city transportation options since quite a few activities are outside the city limits. Check out the Victoria BC Tourism website which provides a list of transportation options from private cars to less costly bus routes. They also have an interactive map or PDF version with some local sights listed on it.

We most enjoyed our scenic view from the outside deck, but they have comfortable interior lounges to use as well. There are some good photo opportunities, especially leaving the ferry terminal in Victoria.

I had to buy one of the Black Ball Ferry mugs and a couple of things from their duty-free shop. Idle time makes me more of a shopper!

Arriving in Beautiful Victoria BC Canada

inner Harbour : Port Angeles to Victoria Trip in downtown victoria
Inner Harbour – Port Angeles to Victoria Trip in Downtown Victoria

The ferry drops you in the heart of Victoria, the capital city of British Columbia. Located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, this is a nature lovers paradise while still enjoying a big city feel. Throughout the city, you will see beautiful flower arrangements, water views, and people enjoying all the lovely scenery.

Victoria British Columbia became the sixth Canadian province and capital city in 1871. Over the years, the city has become a well-known leader in the information technology industry. Victoria is also dominant in fishing fleets and is home to Canada’s western naval base. With its serene natural setting, the strong tech industry, and water views, it is a favorite place not only for tourists but for many locals to live here year around.

Top Things to Do in Victoria BC include:

Book Your Hotel in Victoria Canada – Booking.com

Port Angeles To Victoria Trip to Fairmont Empress
Fairmont Empress Hotel

The crown jewel of hotels in Victoria Canada is the famous Fairmont Empress located right in the heart of the capital. This is a gorgeous hotel, and unfortunately, they were booked up when we visited Victoria. I would recommend booking early as weddings and other events book dates far out. If you don’t stay here, definitely check this out for high tea.

Top Favorite Hotels in the Victoria BC area

🥇 Fairmont Empress – 5-Star Luxury Premier Destination in Downtown
🥈 Delta Hotels by Marriott Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort – 4.5 Star Waterfront Resort
🥉 Brentwood Bay Resort & Spa – 4.5 Star Waterfront Resort located in Brentwood Bay

Butchart Gardens – 3+ hours

The fabulous Butchart Gardens is one destination not to miss while on Vancouver Island. Located just 20 minutes north of the city of Victoria, it is located in Brentwood Bay.

In 1904, this was home to Robert and Jennie Butchart who established these beautiful gardens. An interesting fact, the gardens still remain in the Butchart family with the great-granddaughter currently the owner and managing director.

The Butchart Gardens Hours & Pricing Information:

  • Gardens are open year-round from 9 am-4 pm, and in the summer extend to 9 am-5 pm
  • Pricing is in Canadian dollars, and cost varies depending on what season you visit – $21+

My favorite gardens to tour were the Japanese and Sunken Gardens. Take your time, and enjoy these beautiful surroundings.

You will want to plan to be here for 3+ hours to enjoy and partake in all Butchart fully has to offer. While it can be seen in less time, I truly could have stayed there all day long.

Japanese Garden Port Angeles to Victoria.  Gorgeous lily pads and waterfall make this serene environment more inviting to tourists.
Butchart’s Japanese Garden

The Dining Room Restaurant

If you enjoy afternoon tea, I would highly recommend stopping at The Dining Room restaurant and getting a patio table. Tables can easily be booked via the Open Table App.

Visit Victoria Legislative Assembly Parliament Buildings – 1+ Hours

If you are visiting Victoria on a weekday, fit in a quick visit to the Victoria Legislative Assembly. The cost is FREE, and you will get a most informative guided tour of the fascinating history of the building. Hours are 9 am-4 pm, and Monday to Friday. They are closed on weekends and holidays.

Day 2 – Royal BC Museum in Victoria – 2+ hours

The first stop of the day was the Royal BC Museum. Unfortunately, I can’t recommend it. I have been to many museums over the years, and may just have too high of expectations. They are updating some parts of it and maybe worthwhile once it’s redone.

Victoria Scenic Walk

Take a scenic walk through Victoria, and see the wide variety from Chinatown to Fisherman’s Wharf. The colorful boathouse community is fun to visit because of its unique individualistic qualities. We found the locals to be friendly and welcomed us into their local shops and restaurants. This is a perfect spot to get some fresh-caught seafood for lunch or dinner.

Looking for an outdoor adventure? Mount Douglas Park (5 miles northeast of downtown off Royal Oak and Cordova Bay Roads) has some great hiking close to the city.

IMG 4454

Enjoy the Evening Near Inner Harbour

After dinner, enjoy a night stroll in Inner Harbour and check out the beautiful Parliament Buildings. They are lit up every night after sunset and are far prettier in person to see!

Looking for fantastic nightlife? Garrick’s Head Pub has been a local favorite since 1867 and has 67+ beers on tap!

Port Angeles to Victoria Trip - Assembly at Night
Photo was taken at night on our British Columbia vacations

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a car in Victoria BC?

Whether you need a car in Victoria, BC, really depends on your personal preferences. Victoria BS is known for its walkability, extensive cycling paths, and efficient public transit system, including buses and ferries. Many find they can get around quite comfortably without a car. The downtown area is particularly pedestrian-friendly, and most of the main attractions, shops, and restaurants are easily accessible on foot or by bike. However, having a car can be beneficial if you want to see Butchart Gardens or other more remote parts of Vancouver Island.

Is Victoria walkable from ferry?

Yes, the ferry pulls directly into the downtown, making it convenient for travelers to disembark.

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