St Petersburg & Tampa Bay Florida Red Tide | Should I Visit?

By Erin

What is Florida Red Tide Caused By?

What is Florida red tide caused by? This article discusses what to know, and how to plan for your trip to Tampa Bay.

Red Tide is caused by marine algae known as Karenia Brevis that produces potentially harmful toxins to sea creatures and humans. In my experience, red tide can be especially challenging for those allergy or asthma sufferers like myself.

In recent years I have found Florida Red Tide to be particularly worse, but according to researchers it was first documented as early as 1844. The Red Tide during high periods can have considerable areas of fish kills. You may have seen photos of the piles of dead fish which greatly affects sea wildlife. As for humans, toxins can aerosolize in the ocean air that drifts ashore and trigger upper or lower respiratory issues. It can even have a feeling of burning or stinging on your skin.

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Florida Red Tide – Traveling to St Petersburg / Tampa Bay

I have been often asked, should we cancel travel plans? I think that really depends on if you’re coming to Tampa Bay / St. Petersburg for the beach. There are so many things to do and see. If you have known allergies, COPD, or asthma, it’s best to avoid the beach during a red tide outbreak. If you have asthma and decide to visit the beach, bring your rescue inhaler.

The red tide blooms can occur for days, weeks, or months and can also change daily due to wind conditions and water currents. This can make it challenging at times when planning a vacation to St. Pete Beach or near the water. Onshore winds normally bring it to the shore and offshore winds drive it out to sea.

Red Tide Tampa Bay - Gulfport boat photo
Florida Red Tide when in bloom can greatly affect the Tampa Bay area.

I have found that over-the-counter antihistamines help alleviate some of my symptoms, use this link for some options. Always consult your physician for medical advice as it pertains to your situation.

Here are a couple of over-the counter antihistamines examples from Amazon:

The Florida Department of Health also has advised that utilization of a mask during could benefit those with breathing difficulties.

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Florida Red Tide Official Location Map

The official and most current Florida red tide map that can be found at the Florida Fish and Wildlife website map. Go to southwest coast map, and it will provide the most recent red tide Tampa Bay map.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has a website that provides a daily update and map with current outbreaks. You can find more information by going to this link.

Tampa Bay is a beautiful place to visit, but there are times when you must be prepared for Florida Red Tide. Don’t worry! There are plenty of things to do that is not at the beach. Check out some of the best museums in St Petersburg Florida or tips on visiting St Pete vs Tampa.

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