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Come along on our journey to the enchanting hilltop village called Civita di Bagnoregio only accessible by a small pedestrian bridge. I will share my itinerary to Civita and the city of Orvieto. It is only a short day trip from Rome!

Leaving Rome by Car

Leaving Rome we decided to rent a car.  You certainly can go by train, but we wanted to see and experience sights at our own pace!  I was concerned at first thinking Rome would be a challenge to navigate. We found the city relatively easy to navigate especially with Google or Apple Maps assistance.  I tend to also pick car rental locations that are on the edge of a large city to avoid having to deal with traffic or related pressures when just getting settled in a new car and country.  Here is a link to Expedia Rental Cars.  I only book through well-known quality brands, and have never had an issue overseas.

An Enchanting Village

Romanesque San Donato Church in Civita di Bagnoregio
Romanesque San Donato Church

A worthwhile short drive outside of Orvieto is the city of Civita di Bagnoregio, Address: 2101022 Bagnoregio. It is approximately an hour and forty-five minutes north of Rome. 

Civita di Bagnoregio is unlike any village I have ever seen with some amazing architectural feats.

I found it best to park under the bridge in the general parking area.  Make sure to bring cash to pay the fare to enter.  The charge is minimal, but we had failed to plan ahead that day, so it gave us a good excuse to stop and enjoy the view at a local restaurant.

The Hostaria del Ponte, located at Via Mercatello 11, provides a pleasant lunch with a beautiful view of the old city.  Following a splendid meal, we took the long walk up to the top of the city.  For those needing assistance, I would recommend taking breaks along the way.  Positive news, the walk back down is a breeze!

Civita was quiet when we traveled in early May with little to no visitors.  The atmosphere was peaceful and the views are amazing.  I think we saw more cats than humans! It truly was like seeing a city that appeared to be unchanged by time.

Founded in the 7th century, the Romanesque San Donato Church sits in the main square. You can tour it and look at the interior. In town there is also the Geological and Landslides Museum that shares the village’s eroding hillside.


Civita di Bagnoregio Cats
Civita di Bagnoregio Cats

Our travel plans had us heading North, so we decided to spend the night in the charming town of Orvieto, Italy. We spent so much of our day in Civita that we didn’t enjoy all that Orvieto has to offer. But we did visit their Cathedral, which was definitely worthwhile seeing at least once.

Hotel Duomo

Hotel Duomo is located next to the Cathedral in Orvieto. We had a comfortable stay, and it was in the heart of town with great views of the church. You could watch the children playing soccer, and locals enjoying the town center.

Orvieto, Italy – Cathedral

We enjoyed a relaxing evening strolling the streets of Orvieto and enjoying what the city has to offer. Next, we are headed into Day 6 of our Italy trip to see Pisa, Italy. Check out this upcoming itinerary found here.

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