9 Best Beach Chairs With Umbrellas [Reviewed & Tested]

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Are you in search of the best beach chairs with umbrellas? As someone who lives at the beach in Florida, I know how crucial it is to have the proper setup.

Having dealt with skin cancer, I can’t stress enough the importance of staying protected from the sun. And honestly, it just makes those hot beach days more enjoyable. There’s nothing better to me than kicking back and relaxing on the beach while the kids are playing in the sand or flying a beach kite.

Over the years, I’ve tried a bunch of different beach chairs and umbrellas. Some were a waste of money, barely lasting a season, while others have been my beach day companions for years. So, I want to share with you my top picks for beach umbrella chairs that combine durability, comfort, and style.

Best Beach Chairs with Umbrellas

Erin at the beach trying out a outdoor chair with UV protection

Here’s a quick summary of the top beach chairs with umbrellas to save you time! My favorite for quality craftsmanship and comfort is the GCI Sunshade Chair. But I’m also including a few of my runner-ups excellent choices if you’re looking for affordability, flexibility, two-person beach chairs, etc.

Best CategoryProduct
Overall Best Beach Chair with UmbrellaGCI SunShade Backpack Beach Chair
Best Detachable Umbrella (No Chair)Sports-Brella with 50 SPF
Best All-Inclusive Beach Chair with UmbrellaNice C Beach Chair
Best Folding Chair with Sun ProtectionDocusvect Folding Camping Folding Chair
Most Affordable Outdoor Chair with UV ProtectionALPHA Camp Outdoor Chair
Best Shaded Beach Chair for CouplesSafstar Double Camping Chair
Best Beach Recliner with UmbrellaFolding Zero Gravity Outdoor Recliner
Most Portable Beach Umbrella (No Chair)The Original Beach Shade Umbrella
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GCI SunShade Backpack Beach Chair: Overall Best Beach Chair + Coverage

GCI SunShade Backpack Beach Chair

GCI Outdoor has become increasingly popular amongst Amazon users, and it’s not hard to see why when you see things like this chair. The backpack straps not only make it easy to carry with you anywhere you go, but it also happens to be extremely comfortable too.

It features a 4-position reclining backrest, so you can sit in whatever position you want when you’re catching some sun, and it has a comfortable head pillow that makes napping to the sounds of the waves a breeze. Thanks to its sunshade, you don’t need to bring a separate umbrella with you, either.

GCI Outdoor is my top choice because it’s easy to carry, super comfortable (recline option), and built to last. While the sun shade doesn’t fully cover my legs, I usually prefer laying my towel over my legs when reclining anyway. All in all, you won’t find a better design for the price.


  • Easy to set up and carry
  • I like the reclining feature
  • Canopy offers good coverage
  • Can withstand strong wind
  • Felt safer with kids sitting closer to the ground


  • Expensive
  • Shoulder straps are uncomfortable
  • Heavier than others to carry
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Sports-Brella with 50 SPF: Best Detachable Umbrella (No Chair Included)

Sports-Brella with 50 SPF: Best Detachable Umbrella

This is my most-used beach umbrella because of its versatility in everyday use. The clamp-on shade canopy is perfect for hooking onto beach chairs, strollers, golf carts, and more. However, it works best with firm surfaces that don’t move around in the wind. So you won’t want to attach it to a cheap beach chair made of fabric, for example.

Erin using this beach umbrella at St Pete Beach

I often use this umbrella on my stroller in St Pete Beach during warmer months. But, I’ve found plenty of other uses for it too!

The UPF 50+ lining provides maximum sun protection and has a 4-way 360º swivel to ensure every angle is covered. With over 58,000 reviews on Amazon and a 4.7-star rating, it’s clear Amazon users love it just as much as I do.


  • UPF 50 protection
  • 360º swivel (adjustable to any angle)
  • Easy to attach
  • Lightweight, easy to remove


  • The clamp may not be ideal on flimsy fabric chairs
  • Best for single-person use
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Nice C Beach Chair: Best All-Inclusive Beach Chair with Umbrella

Nice C Beach Chair: Best Inclusive Beach Chair with Umbrella

If you’re looking for a lightweight beach chair that will also give you the cushion you need to be comfortable when spending hours at the beach, this portable beach chair is for you.

It’s made with an orthopedic-recommended ergonomic design, has a 29.2” height back support so you have a place to rest your head and neck, and is made of a breathable polyester that allows airflow to stay cool when it’s hot out. It also comes with an insulated cooler bag where you can easily store ice and food.


  • High back
  • Breathable polyester allows air flow
  • Low bottom seat allows you to stretch
  • Umbrella is detachable
  • Included cooler bag
  • Head support


  • Cup holder is low to the ground
  • Heavier than other chairs on the market
  • Can be hard to get out of
  • Bulky
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Docusvect Folding Camping Chair: Best Folding Beach Chair with Sun Protection

Docusvect Folding Camping Chair: Best for Extreme Heat

This chair is slightly different because it doesn’t technically have an umbrella attachment. But it does have a canopy that makes for great shade. With side shades and a black flap, you’ll be completely covered all the way around, so you can still soak up as much sun as you want without it being too much.

The best part? When you’re not using it, the canopy becomes the backpack (with double straps), so you can carry it around with you. This means it’s suitable for the beach and doubles as the perfect chair for soccer games or camping trips. For my family, I like that you can purchase adult or child-size chairs. So we each have one our size.


  • Full sun protection
  • Easy to carry
  • Side pocket to hold phones, magazines, snacks, and more
  • Canopy is adjustable
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Durable 600D Oxford fabric


  • Thin backpack straps
  • Small cup holder
  • Heavy for longer commutes (i.e., on hikes or long walks)
  • Canopy can get in the way of viewing
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ALPHA Camp Chair: Most Affordable Outdoor Chair with UV Protection

ALPHA Camp Chair: Most Affordable Beach Chair

As an outdoor brand that has been around for more than 15 years, ALPHA outdoor chair has figured out what every camper or beach-goer needs–and it’s clear to see with this chair. Complete with a canopy (like the previous one), this chair sets up quickly and packs up easily into its carrying bag.

Though it doesn’t have the arm and back shades like the other, it still provides 50 + UPF protection, making this a better choice for someone who’s looking for a chair that they can throw in the back of their car to have on an as-needed basis.


  • 50+ UPF protection
  • Weight capacity of 350 lbs
  • Anti-rust coated steel frame
  • Easy set up and take down


  • Storage bag is a tight fit
  • Heavier than the standard chair
  • No canopy coverage on back or sides
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Safstar Double Camping Chair: Best Shaded Beach Chair for Couples

Safstar Double Camping Chair

Looking to sit next to your significant other or family at the beach? Then, this double camping chair is the perfect addition to your go-to beach supplies. For less than $125, you get two chairs in one, both of which have an adjustable canopy to block the sun. Save more by purchasing two together.

On the chair, you’ll also find an added cooler bag in the middle that can serve as a mini table and cup holders. With a high-standard steel frame, you can feel confident knowing this chair will last years.


  • Seats multiple people
  • Included cooler bag that doubles as a small table
  • Simple to set up
  • Shade is adjustable
  • Non-slip feet


  • Heavy (though this is to be expected)
  • Canopy blows in the wind
  • Bag can be difficult to use when putting it away
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Folding Zero Gravity Outdoor Recliner: Best Beach Recliner with Umbrella

Folding Zero Gravity Outdoor Recliner: Best for Reclining + Shade

Last but certainly not least is this affordable zero gravity chair that has garnished over 7,000 glowing reviews. It’s by far one of the cheapest options on this list, but it doesn’t skimp in quality. The carefully balanced seat gracefully glides into a reclining position, and the included canopy protects your face while you rest on the comfortable included cushion. One of my favorite parts is the detachable tray with a spot for your tablet, phone, and two drinks.

While I like this beach chair, it doesn’t provide me enough sun coverage. I prefer it for shorter days


  • Budget beach chairs
  • Easy to adjust when you want to recline
  • Has a headrest
  • Comes in fun colors
  • Great customer service


  • Side table isn’t attached to the chair
  • Some users have difficulty getting it to lock
  • On the heavier side
  • Cup holder can be unpredictable
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The Original Beach Shade Umbrella: Most Portable (Beach Chairs Not Included)

Original Beach Shade Cordless Umbrella:

Sometimes you just want to lay your oversized blanket on the sand rather than lugging a chair around. Or, maybe you already have a beach chair you love that doesn’t come with an umbrella. Whatever the reason, this beach shade is a game-changer.

While it is one of the most expensive items on this list, it’s worth every penny thanks to its easy 5-minute setup, massive 140 square feet of shade, and lightweight make (it only weighs four pounds). It’s also completely wind-proof, offers lab-tested UPF 30 protection, and folds down into a small tote.

For parents with small children (like me), I valued not worrying about sharp edges with typical umbrella tips. However, the flapping noise from the umbrella does tend to be noisier than most standard options when it’s windy.


  • Offers shade to 3-4 adults
  • Super simple to set up
  • Folds down into a very small, manageable bag
  • Very lightweight
  • More affordable than competitor’s sun shades


  • Pricey; doesn’t include a chair
  • Makes noise when there’s heavier wind
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Buyer’s Guide for Beach Umbrella Chairs & Accessories

Showing beach goers at the beach with their beach recliner with umbrella and chairs

Before you buy a beach chair, there are a few things that you should take into consideration. These things will ensure you’re not wasting your time and getting a chair that will last you years rather than one summer.

Build & Quality

The build and quality of your beach chair are by far the most important characteristics to consider before purchasing. A well-constructed un offers superior comfort and support and stands up to the elements of the beach life–including exposure to sun, sand, and saltwater.

However, even the best umbrella beach chairs are affected by the weather. So, as a best practice, I always store mine in a covered area when not in use. If you leave them outside in the sun every day, you’ll find that they won’t last nearly as long.

Beach Seat Height

The perfect seat height allows you to easily go from sitting to standing without struggling. It’s also important to think about how you want to be positioned if you’re going to be in it for hours on end. Perhaps you want a chair that can give you the best of both worlds and allow you to be in multiple different positions. This can be a determining factor when you’re going to buy a chair.

Carry and Storage Size

When it comes to beach chairs, convenience is key. A beach chair that’s easy to carry and doesn’t take up much room simplifies your beach day dramatically. It means effortless transportation to and from your car and compact storage when not in use.

Umbrella and Seat Size

The right-sized umbrella ensures you get ample coverage. Too small, and you’ll find yourself constantly adjusting it to stay shaded. Too big, and it might become hard to manage. The same goes for the seat size. If it’s too small, you run the risk of being uncomfortable.

Beach Chair Features

Though features like cup holders, pockets to store your belongings, cooler bags, and detachable trays seem small, they can make or break how you enjoy your beach day. Most chairs include at least cup holders. But if you want more bells and whistles, there are plenty of options out there (including the ones on this list). I personally find that less features suit me better because the more you add on, the heavier it is to carry. Additionally, accessories tend to be the first items to break on the chairs.

Final Thoughts

The GCI SunShade Backpack Beach Chair stands out as the premier choice for beachgoers. Its ease of transport, coupled with the comfort provided by its recline feature and durable construction, makes it an ideal pick. Although the sunshade doesn’t extend to cover the legs, this is a minor concern, as draping a towel over the legs is a simple and preferred solution for many. Its design is unmatched at its price point. However, it’s worth noting alternatives like the versatile Sports-Brella, which is adaptable to almost any chair is a way to save money too.

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